Spine care and sports rehab, customized for you.

We help active adults suffering from neck and back pain resume doing what they love without the use of rest, pills, injections, or surgery — even when they’ve been told that’s what they need!
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Alexander Elahi
Dr. Elahi provides primary spine care for patients with back and neck pain at Key Spine Care in Frederick, Maryland. He is one of Maryland's only certified primary spine practitioners (PSP) and one of only 300 worldwide.

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Our 3 Step Process to Alleviate Pain

At Key Spine Care, we focus on ACTIVE over passive treatment plans and proudly and exclusively only offer 1:1 care (e.g. no assistants or PTAs, just you and the doctor for the entire appointment, every time). We work together as a team to implement our shared plan to treat and prevent your symptoms.

Step 1: RECOVER From Pain & Limitations

After we have determined your individual diagnosis, we create a comprehensive and individualized plan to help you resume doing what you love - without the use of rest, pills, injections, or surgery!

After this stage, you will have:

   1. Eliminated the source of the pain
   2. Found pain-free postures

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Step 2: REBUILD Proper Mechanics & Address Root Cause

We work together as a team to implement our shared plan to develop healthy posture and movement patterns.

After this Stage, you will have completed exercises to address any needs in:

   1. Motor Control
   2. Stabilization
   3. Mobility

Step 3: REDEFINE Future Performance & Prevent Recurrence

We teach Self-Care Methods to make your body stronger and more resilient so that there is a much less likely chance of recurrence.

After this Stage, you will have a toolbox of movements and knowledge to address:

   1. Strength & Conditioning Exercises
   2. Work or Sport-Specific Tasks

Goal of ALL Our Treatment Plans

While we love our 1:1 time with our patients, we also do NOT want you to be locked into a never-ending treatment plan of 2-3 visits per week for life! Most of our treatment plans are 12 visits or less as we prioritize teaching you how to:

  • Eliminate the cause of the pain
  • Find pain-free postures
  • Develop healthy posture and movement patterns

Our patients see results

Five out of five stars
Leave you feeling phenomenal

Dr. Elahi is very knowledgeable and professional. He is extremely thorough and will leave you feeling phenomenal. Highly recommended!

Five out of five stars
A caring professional

Dr. Elahi is a caring professional who wants to empower you to feel better.  He patiently explains each step of the process.  Then he gives you at-home exercises to improve.  Don’t live with the pain (in your back, neck, head) — let Dr. Elahi provide relief.

Diane W.
Five out of five stars
Follow his exercises

Thanks a ton to Dr Elahi for helping with my back pain. 2 months ago I came to the VA office and could barely move. Today I feel great, if there is an advice I can give is to “follow his exercises and you will get back to your daily activities."

Mahmoud Toure
Get back to better to live your life more fully.
We seek to help those suffering from spine-related disorders so they can resume doing what they love as quickly as possible using evidence-based, patient-centered care. We strive to form partnerships with our patients to provide progressive, individualized treatment plans.
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