Sports Medicine

Treats injuries in athletes and active individuals caused by working out too much, misusing equipment, falling, etc.

Sports medicine is an area of health care that deals with preventing, diagnosing, and treating injuries in athletes and active individuals.

Being physically active is good for your whole health. However, if you work out too much or misuse equipment, you may injure yourself. Athletes may also develop sports injuries from bad falls, poorly landed jumps, or high-impact tackles.

Sports medicine treats these types of injuries so you can get back to your active lifestyle as quickly as possible and reduce your risk of injuries in the future.

The team at Key Spine Care specializes in sports medicine, using conservative therapies to reduce pain, heal injuries, and restore function.

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Common questions

Anyone with a sports injury needs sports medicine. The team at Key Spine Care treats all types of injuries, including:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Overuse injuries

You may also benefit from sports medicine at Key Spine Care if you want to prevent an injury, improve recovery following an intense workout, or boost your athletic performance. The team provides therapies that improve body function, flexibility, balance, strength, and your body mechanics.

The specifics of your sports medicine evaluation at Key Spine Care depend on the reason for your visit. However, you can expect a full-body evaluation. The team reviews your concerns and goals, asks about your usual workout routine, and goes over your eating habits.

They also ask about previous injuries and medical history and perform a physical exam. The board-certified chiropractic sports physician can diagnose injuries following a history and physical exam, but may order imaging tests to rule out a diagnosis.

The team at Key Spine Care customizes your sports medicine treatment plan based on your needs and goals. For a sports injury, the team focuses on providing healing therapies like laser therapy, physical therapy, and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM).

To support recovery and help with athletic performance, the team may provide chiropractic care, an at-home exercise program, and nutrition therapy.

Chiropractic sports medicine focuses on your whole health, not just your injury.

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Our 3 Step Process to Alleviate Pain

At Key Spine Care, we focus on ACTIVE over passive treatment plans and proudly and exclusively only offer 1:1 care (e.g. no assistants or PTAs, just you and the doctor for the entire appointment, every time). We work together as a team to implement our shared plan to treat and prevent your symptoms.

Step 1: RECOVER From Pain & Limitations

After we have determined your individual diagnosis, we create a comprehensive and individualized plan to help you resume doing what you love - without the use of rest, pills, injections, or surgery!

After this stage, you will have:

   1. Eliminated the source of the pain
   2. Found pain-free postures

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Step 2: REBUILD Proper Mechanics & Address Root Cause

We work together as a team to implement our shared plan to develop healthy posture and movement patterns.

After this Stage, you will have completed exercises to address any needs in:

   1. Motor Control
   2. Stabilization
   3. Mobility

Step 3: REDEFINE Future Performance & Prevent Recurrence

We teach Self-Care Methods to make your body stronger and more resilient so that there is a much less likely chance of recurrence.

After this Stage, you will have a toolbox of movements and knowledge to address:

   1. Strength & Conditioning Exercises
   2. Work or Sport-Specific Tasks

Goal of ALL Our Treatment Plans

While we love our 1:1 time with our patients, we also do NOT want you to be locked into a never-ending treatment plan of 2-3 visits per week for life! Most of our treatment plans are 12 visits or less as we prioritize teaching you how to:

  • Eliminate the cause of the pain
  • Find pain-free postures
  • Develop healthy posture and movement patterns